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Cancer treatment is a grueling course, leaving many people fatigued, weak and with a compromised immune system. Regardless of the type of cancer, or the types of treatment physical therapy and exercise can be very effective before, during, and after cancer treatment. McMinnville Physical Therapy can help you on this journey.



  • Improve endurance and strength

  • Address treatment or mobility issues

  • Set baseline measures for future goals improvement



→ Less fatigue → Less Sleep Disturbance → Improved physical function

  • CRF: Cancer Related Fatigue - Exercise improves stamina while continued rest can actually increase fatigue. Individually aerobic training, strength training and functional management training is known to reduce effects of cancer related fatigue. 

  • Pain: There are many pain relief strategies that may include soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic massage, modalities, therapeutic stretching and strengthening.

  • Peripheral neuropathy: Oftentimes, cancer survivors experience peripheral neuropathy, which is abnormal nerve function that can be experienced as pain, numbness and tingling. Physical Therapy can help to improve nerve function or compensate for nerve dysfunction.

  • Deconditioning: Rebuilding endurance for activities and cardiovascular function can be difficult during and after cancer treatment. A skilled physical therapist is able to educate and monitor cardiovascular training. 

  • Lymphedema: Effective lymphedema management is accomplished through manual lymph drainage, range of motion exercises, aerobic exercise, and lymphatic bandaging.



  • Assists in regaining mobility

  • Assists with regaining normal functions of the body and flexibility

  • Assists in regaining strength to assure balance.


It is never too late to utilize McMinnville Physical Therapy services for cancer recovery. If you find yourself having trouble with daily tasks or functioning at your prior level of independence, McMinnville Physical Therapy can help you regain your vitality. 


In 2012, Christi Gilliam, PT, CHT expanded her treatment scope to include Oncology Physical Therapy where she became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist at Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy. She has recently completed an extensive training in breast cancer and is now a certified KickPink Practitioner. 


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