OUTPATIENT REHABILITATION: McMinnville Physical Therapy offers an evidence-based treatment approach to a variety of patient groups: orthopedic/sports medicine, neuro/neuromuscular pathologies, general medical/debilitation, women’s issues, and trauma. Our clinicians at McMinnville Physical Therapy, PLLC have advanced degrees and post-education training to provide the highest quality of care in a patient-centered environment. Each patient has an individualized plan of care that is specific to his or her goals. Our focus is not only on rehabilitation, but on education and prevention of future injury or pathology. McMinnville Physical Therapy, PLLC offers a variety of programs to assist each patient:

- Flexibility/Strength Aquatic Therapy
- Gait/Balance Urinary Incontinence
- Ergonomics Pelvic Pain
- Return To Work/Sport Pregnancy/Postpartum
- Foot/Shoe Assessment Osteoporosis

THE AQUATIC CENTER @ McMinnvillePT: Upon first glance, our pool is the most obvious structure in our clinic. We are very excited to be able to offer aquatic therapy to McMinnville and its surrounding communities. Water is one of the most beneficial and advantageous ways to exercise whether you have an acute or chronic ailment or are trying to maintain a healthy fitness level. Our pool will be utilized as a primary and secondary tool to our patients. Our therapists will develop a program that is specific to you and your needs while taking into consideration your medical history and individual goals. Once you have achieved your goals and are ready for discharge from the primary program, we also offer the Aquatics Maintenance Program so that you can continue your progress independently.

WOMEN’S HEALTH PHYSICAL THERAPY: Another unique feature about our clinic is the Women’s Health Center. We have developed a center that is specific to women and their rehabilitative needs for all phases of the life cycle: young woman/athlete, child-bearing years, mid-life, and later life issues. Some of the areas of treatment include: pregnancy & postpartum orthopedic issues, urinary incontinence/pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, lumbo-sacral issues, and osteoporosis. By providing a designated center, patient privacy and sensitivity are assured. 

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