McMinnvillePT rivals clinics of major metropolitan areas.McMinnvillePT founders, Christi Hillis Gilliam and Zach Sutton, care for Warren County with experience. Prior to returning home after receiving her physical therapy degree from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, she was the lead physical therapist for the orthopedic floor at Erlanger Hospital. While working as a Certified Athletic Trainer for the University of Tennessee Department of Sports Medicine, Zach received a Masters of Science in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine. During physical therapy school, Zach continued to serve as an Athletic Trainer for a high school. After physical therapy school, Zach became an American Physical Therapy Association Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. Christi and Zach are supported by Physical Therapist, Talekia King and Physical Therapist Assistant's Bronson Pearson, Donna Poss.

Pioneer Performance: The P3 Program combined bio mechanics,current research, and sports medicine to help athletics prevent injury and increase performance.

Aquatic center: The aquatic center provides a resource to patients with chronic back pain, arthritis, and weight bearing limitations after surgery to allow more activity earlier in the rehabilitation process.

The clinic has the necessary space and equipment to care out treatments, but the therapists pride themselves as the most important tool being their intellect and getting the treatment plan right for each individual.

 Private treatment rooms are utilized for evaluations and specific treatments

Common Diagnoses:
  •  Arthritis
  •  Joint Pain
  •  Back or Neck Pain
  •  Postoperative Care
  •  Generalized Weakness
  •  Sports or Work Related Injury 

Orthopedics and Pioneer Performance
"P3 Thrower's Program"
"Prevent Injury While Gardening"
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