Balance, Falls, and Dizziness
Team experience
Balance and fall risk is a common part of all physical therapy programs, but specialized training is often required effective determine the source or sources of the balance deficit. McMinnvillePT founders, Christi Hillis Gilliam and Zach Sutton, recognize that often those suffering from other conditions like arthritis, urinary incontinence, difficulty walking, and generalized weakness often are at greater risk for falling. Patients are now screened regularly for this risk that can be fatal if associated with a hip fracture. To advance the balance program, Zach has attended Emory University for a comprehensive balance training including the assessment of the vestibular or inner ear and dizziness. Christi and Zach are supported by Physical Therapist Assistants Bronson Pearson, Donna Poss and Physical Therapist Talekia King.

Facility description 
Aquatic center: While the aquatic center is often thought of as a arthritis treatment environment, it provides a safety environment for individuals to challenge their balance safely.  Patients who have difficult Patients who have difficult maneuvering can be carefully lowered in the shallow water with the automatic chairlift. can be carefully lowered in the shallow water with the automatic chairlift.

Common Diagnoses
Vertigo, BPPV, gait dysfunction, difficulty walking, generalized weakness, frequent falls

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